Water Treatment and Management

We deliver customised solutions to improve water quality and optimise water as a resource.

Water Treatment and Management

Water quality enhancement for healthy communities and enriched environments

From recreational water quality management to the treatment of drinking water and industrial wastewater, our methods are driven by data and informed by the latest science. This allows us to deliver purpose-designed solutions that are efficient, effective and safe.

Key Features

A comprehensive approach to water management

Water Quality Analysis

Through accurate real-time water quality analysis, our solutions are grounded in reliable water data metrics.

Regulatory Guidance

Localised solutions developed to help you meet all regulatory, EPA and national health standards.

Customised Solutions

The latest technology and methods, carefully selected for solutions purpose-designed to meet your specific needs.

Our Solutions

Every challenge is unique. So are our solutions.

Our multidisciplined team has the expertise and technical resources to develop comprehensive solutions covering all forms of water quality enhancement.

We focus on process optimisation, chemical program applications and water circuit analyses, and incorporate the most advanced methods including GAC filtration treatment, ultrasonic technology and photovoltaic floats.

We're also supported by a team of hydrobiologists and microbiologists, so you can be certain that our solutions are grounded in the latest science and years of experience.

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Our Solutions

Potable Water and Wastewater Treatment

Strategies and solutions to improve the quality of drinking water and industrial wastewater.

Our Solutions

Water Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring systems to assess water quality in lakes, dams, influent or effluent ponds and other water bodies.


Algae Control

Elimination solutions for cyanobacteria and green algae, including aeration and ultrasonic technology.

Why Us?

What can you expect when you work with Photon Water?

Comprehensive improvement in water quality.

Reduced labour and testing costs.

Timely responses thanks to real-time monitoring.

Streamlined and efficient treatment processes.

Safe, eco-friendly recreational water management.

Top-tier drinking water standards.

Working together to make clean water more accessible

Dedicated to community engagement and cross-sector collaboration, we’re committed to helping you develop resilient, sustainable water management practices.

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