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Water Quality Monitoring

Our real-time monitoring systems assess water quality in lakes, ponds and other water bodies.

Water Quality Monitoring

Keeping water healthy through real-time insights

Monitoring water quality in real-time is the key to understanding the health of a body of water and ensure swift response times. Our solutions for managing this complex task can help protect the health of water bodies including reservoirs, process water dams, influent or effluent ponds, and lakes.

Key Features

Reliable solutions, delivered sustainably

Accurate Results

Real-time monitoring paired with periodic discrete water sampling and verification to deliver reliable data.

Eco-friendly Technology

Our real-time monitoring floats are powered by solar energy.

Wide-ranging Parameters

Our system measures a variety of parameters, including pH, temperature and cyanobacteria.

Our Process

Comprehensive monitoring for a complete overview of water quality

1. Real-time Water Quality Monitoring

Baseline water quality is determined using real-time monitoring floats and satellite data.

2. Discrete Water Sampling

To help ensure a comprehensive picture of water quality, we’ll periodically examine discrete nutrient values such as phosphorus and nitrates, in parallel with real-time monitoring parameters.

3. Handheld Water Characterisation

Real-time indicators are periodically verified against discrete readings obtained from a handheld water monitoring probe.

4. Actionable Results

This collective data allows us to profile and characterise seasonal, anthropogenic and process changes in a body of water in order to support the effective implementation targeted management and control strategies.

Technology and Parameters

Real-time Monitoring

Our real-time monitoring systems provide detailed insights into bodies of water, allowing you to make informed decisions and take the most effective actions. 

Powered by solar energy, our monitoring floats are anchored in place to collect information about the surrounding area and transmit the data to our servers.  

monitoring-floats.jpg (131 KB)

Our real-time systems measure a wide range of parameters:

Depth ORP (Oxidation-reduction Potential) Ammonium
Temperature DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Chloride
pH TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Sodium
Turbidity BGA (Blue-green Algae) Calcium
Conductivity Chlorophyll-a Bromide
Alkalinity Phytocyanin Tryptophan (Faecal Coliform Indication)
Oil Nitrate ...and more, as required


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Our Solutions

Algae and Water Quality Control

Our solutions don’t end with monitoring. We can provide safe, effective solutions for the reduction of cyanobacteria and green algae. 

Other controls include aeration, floating reed beds, diversifying zooplankton and fish population. 

Who We Work With

Our team delivers accurate and reliable water quality insights to a wide range of clients, enabling informed decision-making in safeguarding lakes, reservoirs and other water bodies.

Councils and Water Authorities

Mining Operations

Recreational Water Bodies



Water Treatment Plants

Environmental Consultants

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