We provide end-to-end support for the management and treatment of water, wastewater, and hazardous liquid waste.


Unique, innovative approaches to water management

With a background in process and chemical program design, as well as the operation and optimisation of multi-discipline process plants, our team provides unparalleled support with concept-to-design management and treatment solutions for water, wastewater and hazardous liquid waste.

Key Features

End-to-end support with measurable results

Operational Assessments

Functional design and operational assessments, including process and peer review services covering commissioning, safety, risk and hazard assessments.

Process Optimisation

Lean manufacturing support services and continuous improvement, including Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Kaizen solutions, to reduce waste and maximise efficiency.

Chemical Programs

Chemical program selection and optimisation. We specialise in pre-treatment, water conditioning, dosing systems and the application of coagulants and flocculant treatment programs.

Test Programs

Pilot and bench-scale test programs to evaluate methods and technologies, driving process and chemical program optimisation.

Water Treatment Plans

Process flow and treatment train design, functional operational assessments, process auditing and troubleshooting. We have extensive experience in Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit process optimisation and commissioning.

Water Quality Monitoring

Real-time water quality monitoring systems and system design. We can measure a wide variety of parameters, including pH, temperature and cyanobacteria.

Who We Work With

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to clean water consulting services, and we can offer support to an extremely wide range of clients. These are just some of the industries we work with.

Industrial and Chemical Manufacturers

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Steel Manufacturing

Paper Manufacturing

Mining and Quarrying

Air Services

Our Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for enhanced water quality

Our consulting services are just the start. We’ll work closely with you to analyse your unique needs and determine an approach that works best for you.

Depending on the challenges, the next step may be the implementation of treatment, remediation or monitoring solutions. We offer a range of solutions to manage and optimise water resources, and improve the quality of water and environments. 

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Our Solutions

Water Treatment and Management

Purpose-designed solutions to improve water quality, from recreational water control to the treatment of drinking water and industrial wastewater.

Our Solutions

Water Quality Monitoring

Real-time monitoring systems to help ensure rapid response times and maintain water quality long-term.

Our Solutions

Environmental Remediation

Removal of PFAS and other contaminants from water and soil, with solutions including our patented in-situ remediation technology.

Why Us?

What can you expect when you work with Photon Water?

Our solutions are designed to deliver measurable value to water, wastewater and hazardous liquid waste treatment operations, plants and processes.

Reduced operational costs.

Optimised processes, plant performance and stability.

Safety and risk-management as a priority.

Low environmental impact.

A transparent, collaborative working process.

Purpose-designed solutions.

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We offer guidance you can trust

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

ISO 45001

Occupational Health & Safety Management System

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