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Environmental Remediation

We offer comprehensive water and soil remediation solutions.


Safe and effective removal of PFAS and other contaminants

Our remediation solutions remove contaminants from surface water, groundwater and soil. Different methods of remediation are available depending on the site and type of pollutants involved, including our patented in-situ technology.

We focus on using the safest, most advanced technology to leave sites better than before; enriching both environments and local communities.

Key Features

Transformative solutions to revitalise any environment

State-of-the-Art Methods

Our groundbreaking research and patented technology drive unparalleled in-situ remediation, alongside a full range of the most effective remediation methods.

Sustainable Practices

We utilise solar energy and naturogenic chemical compounds, combined with a risk-based approach to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Comprehensive Solutions

Every remediation plan is purpose-designed to incorporate the safest, most effective methods for the geography, location and contaminants involved.

International Applications

Through the global infrastructure of Photon Energy Group, we can deliver PFAS remediation solutions in Australia, Europe and the United States.

Our Technology

Electrochemically Enhanced In-situ Nanoremediation

Our patented remediation solution removes pollutants directly on-site. The process is eco-friendly and cost-effective, as water and soil are treated right in the ground, without the need for the removal and transportation of contaminated materials. 

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Our Solutions

Groundwater Remediation

Pioneering remediation solution for contaminated groundwater 

Our in-situ electrochemical nanoremediation technology effectively treats PFAS and co-contamination to required regulatory guideline levels. 

Through a patented process involving groundwater injection and electrification, groundwater contamination (including plume, hotspot and source) is remediated directly on site. 

Trialled and tested with the support of the Australian Government Department of Defence, this technology has a documented impact on downstream processes or flow pathway as a result of reduced mass concentration in the contaminated aquifer. It provides a novel, effective remediation solution that can be implemented on a standalone basis, or as a key process within a remediation treatment train.

A highly sustainable remediation solution, the process utilises natuorgenic chemistry, which has no adverse impacts on the environment. And as it’s powered by renewable energy, there is little to no secondary waste. 

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Our Solutions

Surface Water Remediation

Complete suite of mobile filtration treatment options

Our mobile filtration treatment solutions focus on optimal outcomes through critical pre-treatment and leading water characterisation. 

mobile-water-filtration-plant-schematic.jpg (78 KB)

Treatment packages are supportive of novel in-situ capacibilities, but can also operate as best-in-class standalone filtration systems. Utilising quality filtration mediums including granular activated carbon and ion exchange, effluent requirements including nil-detect are guaranteed. 

Through our consulting services, we can also provide an operational review of your current filtration and processing facilities to ensure the best outcome for you, your community and the environment.

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Our Solutions

Soil Remediation

Emerging set of solutions for the in-situ treatment of PFAS-contaminated soil

In partnership with the University of Technology Sydney and with the sponsorship of Department of Defence and FRNSW, we are currently developing an in-situ soil remediation solution incoporating an enhanced electrokinetic permeable reactive barrier (PRB). 

The PRB electrokinetic solution will exploit electromigrative, electro-osmotic and electrophoretic transportation forces, trapping contamination within a permeable reactive barrier. In concentrating the contamination with the the removalable permeable reactive barrier, the contamination size and cost is massively reduced. 

Our solutions are both economic and environmentally conscious, with a focus on treating contaminated land directly on-site. In-situ treatment removes costly captial associated with the excavation, transport, landfil and incineration of contaminated soil. 

As with everything we do, the full process will be purpose-designed; the remediation of soil can be combined with our solutions for contaminated groundwater and surface water, depending on the unique needs of your site. 

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Our Solutions

PFAS Remediation

Unique and proven technologies for the in-situ and ex-situ treatment of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in water and soil.


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Case Study

Australian Government Department of Defence Estates

gov-crest-horizontal.svg (57 KB)

Following its investigations into PFAS contamination, the Australian Government Department of Defence is working with Photon Water in a trial of our in-situ remediation technology to eliminate PFAS from contaminated groundwater.

The trial project has been extended into 2024; if successful, our technology may form part of Defence’s ongoing remediation options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is remediation?

Environmental remediation is the process of removing contaminants from the environment. Remediation literally refers to the act of remedying something; in this case, it’s a remedy for environmental contamination. Specifically, contamination in surface water, groundwater and soil.

What contaminants can remediation eliminate?

Along with PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), remediation can be used to remove or reduce an extremely large range of contaminants.

This is important, because it’s rare that individual contaminants will be present in isolation. It’s also the reason why remediation methods must be selected and applied carefully, often in combination, to ensure that they are effective against as many pollutants as possible on a contaminated site.   

Who do we work with?

We provide our remediation solutions to a wide range of clients, including:

  • Militaries

  • Airports

  • Water utilities

  • Industrial and chemical manufacturers

  • Fire and rescue services

We also partner with academic institutions and other leading remediation solution providers for research and joint projects.   

When is Photon Remediation launching?

Based on the results of our recent remediation projects and the growing need for safe, sustainable and comprehensive remediation solutions worldwide, we’re thrilled to be entering an exciting new era at Photon Energy Group, with the upcoming launch of Photon Remediation.  

Powered by years of groundbreaking research and technological innovation from Photon Water’s team of experts, Photon Remediation will officially launch in late 2024, as our dedicated provider of environmental remediation solutions around the world. 

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Launching in 2024

Photon Remediation

We’re thrilled to be entering an exciting new era at Photon Energy Group. Powered by years of groundbreaking research and technological innovation from Photon Water’s team of experts, Photon Remediation will soon be our dedicated provider of environmental remediation solutions around the world.

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